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Mike Dwight

Your Competitors Are Stealing Your Customers

Your competitors are stealing your business if you haven’t done basic marketing before you launched your website.

Many, if not most, of the medium and small-sized businesses we talk to about their web marketing haven’t really done their marketing homework – meaning first and foremost that they haven’t really identified their audiences and their buyers. Even though the mechanics of building up that information are fairly simple, requiring little expertise, and a little time.  “We’ve got that information” is the usual answer, and that’s absolutely correct.  As often as not, that means a file drawer with invoices or receipts that haven’t been compiled or sourced, but the information is there.

The point of this conversation is that having the information isn’t enough.  More often than not, the people you think are your prospects are not really your buyers, whether it’s in a B2B or retail environment.  You just haven’t taken the time or employed the expertise to analyze the information.  And then when you have, you still have to determine what you’re going to do – what you say to these prospects, and how you say it.

The competitor who is gaining market share at your expense probably has done these things.  It’s time for you to do so as well.

HQZ makes marketing  simple.

About the author

Mike Dwight
Mike Dwight
Mike Dwight specializes in Operations and Marketing Management including: Creative Development Start-up Organizations Expansion Planning and Implementation Restructure and Reorganization.


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