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SEO and Your PR Options

Search Engine Optimized PR Boosts Your Site's Pankings and Exposure

No matter how powerful your marketing and advertising campaigns are, nothing compares to the instant infusion your business can receive with free publicity. Once a newspaper, magazine, radio or TV show or major web site picks up your press release, the credibility factor is enormous, and people will begin to notice your company.

Once distributed, your press release is found in the News engines, and on the various media sites in addition to the regular engine Blogs or as an RSS Feed. It's the most cost-effective approach of sharing your company's news.

Whether you're a small operation or a Fortune 500 company, your company has many newsworthy topics to share:
  • Did you just launch or re-design your web site?
  • Did you bring a new and exciting product or service to market?
  • Did you develop a new technology?
  • Did your company just hire a new CEO? Form a new strategic alliance?
  • Did your company win an award or special honor?
  • Did your company reach a significant milestone or pinnacle?
With a little creativity, there is always a unique, newsworthy angle to emphasize your business news.  Draw attention through regular news!

Whether you are distributing a simple press release or designing a systematic campaign, we can do everything from writing your press release to targeting specific media contacts for submission.

Let us know about your publicity goals and ideas - we'll make you look bigger and smarter than your competition.

Pat Dwight
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About the author

Pat Dwight
Pat Dwight
Pat Dwight's background in business spans more than twenty-five years in Southern California. During this time, she has continued to operate with a high level of ethics and quality standards in both the corporate and individual client environment.


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