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26 February 2018 Published in Blog Written by 

Clarity Helps With Brand Strategy

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Clarity Helps With Brand Strategy

Likely you already know what your brand stands for, how it differs for each of your target audiences, profiles of customers, and have an honest view of where your brand ranks among competitors. You should already understand how you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Company Brand Stretegy

So, what’s your brand strategy going to look like? Beginning with a creative brief helps you define exactly what makes your company’s strategy, direction and why it’s distinctly different.

This takes real consideration and isn’t easy to do well. Be sure to encompass a how it is going to help you and analyze why. Your brand becomes the touchstone that produces marketing materials going forward. Below are the necessary components and brief formulas or patterns to consider.

Name & Logo

How is your company name holding up? Is it still strong now and will it stand up later? Your answer matters a lot if you are considering expansion. The answer requires you to consider the ‘age’ of your brand and its customer loyalty/recognition. So, rather than changing the brand name, consider a face lift, by adapting your logo (new colors, font, symbol, boxes, circles, swirls, etc.).

One approach incorporates a short tag line with the logomark. This approach isn’t as shocking but suggests that you are moving forward. Just remember there will be more cost for new printing of all your branding (website, collateral, brochures, well you get the picture). Also, now might be the time to explore getting a trademark which is a whole other article.

So, how is that logo? Changing it will cost you, so you must decide if the benefit offsets the implementation and costs. Most businesses decide that if the logo is working or is recognized, then it should be left as it is. But, then understand that old logos date your company and may detract from its wonderfulness. Whatever your decision, make sure that it benefits your branding.


A website is the center piece of any marketing effort. The appeal and value of a website in the eyes of a potential customer speaks volumes about an organization. It’s portal revealing who you are and why they’ve arrived in the right place! Successful websites validate their views and should move them from a prospect to a customer.

Conversely, a poorly designed, dated or hard-to-navigate website sends them directly to the EXIT button … and it only takes about 6-10 seconds to capture their attention – that is it. So, the Home page is pivotal.

Big companies with multi-products or services require more visual space to attract, then quickly display information the guest wants or needs. What matters is concise, organized copy that’s intuitively found. Modules and photos portray important information (ads, offers, reports, etc.) too. Viewers don’t want to read a novel on the Home page either. 

It’s like a portal to wonderful things beyond with quick access with clicks elsewhere. With concise copy and liberal use of bullets, introduce yourself (think elevator story). Then link to other dropdown sections that explain in detail.

Great images or product shots are critical too. Nothing kills inquiry like an old, grainy or unfocused photo. Bad photos imply sloppy attention to detail. Really. Images must illustrate or reinforce the topic. 

A hint: modest photo use – but make them great not just okay. If you display your products, ensure the photos are consistently displayed and ‘pop’. Unless you’ve got a black and white website, your images should be in color.

Don’t forget that your website will be viewed on small screens (i-Pads and cell phones) which means the website should be designed for all media. It’s your universal brochure, so get this one right!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

‘SEO’ enables website visibility to search engines using relevant search terms they enter. Your placement in top listings is influenced by your website format and text. Good SEO is strategic and elicits prominent notice or attention of someone searching those same terms.

Note: achieving high listings, doesn’t happen overnight, but once your search terms get found enough (hits) your website will move higher on the search listing posted by the browser. Just know that they won’t remain high on the list without consistent hits (new or repeated), so it’s worth using strong and differentiating SEO search terms on your website; the higher you appear on the search list, the more people will find you.

Social Media or Online PR

“Social media” aka online PR – disperses your message electronically. Almost gone are the traditional PR in print (newspapers, magazine) formats and likely in the next 6-7 years, print will become extinct.   Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn make it more conversational and can be re-posted, forwarded, stimulate discussions, etc. Rather than just a one-shot. Utilizing one or all of these social media tools should be considered in your business marketing strategy.

Traditional Marketing

These formats include printing of advertising, PR, radio, outdoor or TV ads, and direct mail, all costly and without scrutiny, are difficult to measure success. Persuasion using these formats takes more than one ad campaign and requires an integrated strategy of multiple tactics.

These tips may help you examine your 2018 marketing goals and create a checklist of the tactics needed to BE SEEN and HEARD.

Learn more about developing a Brand Strategy for your firm, contact HQZ Experts to learn more: call: 949-454-6149 or: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website: www.hqzexperts.com.

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