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28 August 2017 Published in Blog Written by 

Pursuing Leads Without Compromising Audience Relationships

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Hints To Creative Lead-Generation Content

LinkedIn's global content marketing head develops content targeting approximately 450 million users. His task is converting interested users into paying for the company's business solutions and premium subscriptions. He and his team also drive the lead generation bus.

They're contention is that "you can't just push lead generation without putting time into brand awareness". They also suggest that there's a balance in having the right 'engine' and a vehicle that creates content to drive awareness to that bigger piece of high-value (lead generating) content. Their findings emphasize that if all you do is hit people up for their information alone, you risk loss of trust and the audience declines. The question is how to pursue leads and not compromise audience relationships.

So, How Can You Get There?

Your content/story must become the definitive guide to a conversation that you want to own. Done right, you offer significant value to the audience and establish a clear perspective on industry issues. The story is an efficient method to perpetually drive leads and awareness ... and remain in touch. Some common tools for this are: brochures, slide presentations, white papers, videos, infographics or webcasts.

How you sustain this "new" and "fresh" approach is up to you. If your marketing communications backbone is strong and effective, you can slice and dice it into a number of uses. Retelling your story is the WHOLE POINT. Having good mark-comms writing is required. It doesn't have to be complicated, just planned, comprehensive and flexible.

One winning approach is re-purposing research from a reputable and timely source. Read about the market niche you occupy, study your competition often, follow authority blogs about the products or services you sell, then use the pieces of data directly relating to your company. Blend and reinforce your message carefully with the data jewels you find. This makes your story credible and offers insight into the industry as well. It also shows your audience that YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION which automatically moves your posts up in readership and attracts new followers.

The following survey outlines B2B Content Marketing Ranking Statistics:

Most Important Content Types - B2B Marketers Current vs. Future

B2B Content Types

Some companies provide a mechanism to allow customers to interact with their content, allowing the prospect to make choices that are relevant to them. That feedback defines more about them each time they click a button within a video or blog post. This reply helps you create better content and continue to optimize your existing content to sustain the discussions.

LinkedIn says that videos create an emotional connection with your audience since they feel the content you post has value and they’re actually benefiting from it. This mindset develops a flourishing sense of positivity and trust, prompting them to continue to anticipate or view your posts. This trust also encourages your audience to complete whatever action you suggest - the outcome that you work so hard to achieve.

By now you've picked up on the message ... you must nurture and communicate often with prospects. This is most important once they have given you their contact information via a "subscribe me", "learn more" or "contact us" reply.

Recent Pew Research Center demographics of key social networking platforms (View Report) find that 50 percent of leads in any system are not yet ready to buy - still warm!

A March 2016 study conducted by Demand Metric reports that 61 percent of businesses have incorporated personalization into their content marketing strategies. From that group, 80 percent claim that personalized content was more effective than non-personalized content.

Continuous and valuable feedback implies that you can help them, satisfy their need, or provide some value which helps you understand where they are in the "cold-warm-hot" phase important to you. This should involve delving deeper into their area of inquiry or interest. Then your conversation with them since today may not be right, but next month could be just perfect.

If you are happy with your inquiry level then you are likely using all or most of the above marketing tactics. If not, give us a call 949-454-6149 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let's get started.

HQZ Experts will show you ways to accomplish these simple tactics to get noticed and grow your company.

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