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20 June 2017 Published in Blog Written by 

Tired Websites Don't Inspire Anyone To Do Anything

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Now, do I have your attention?

Your website is the window to your company and most often the best place to collect high-quality leads. But, does it stand up to the test or flop? If it is more than two years old, you may want to re-think re-gearing some important areas. Unfortunately, tired websites don't inspire anyone to do anything!

Remember, your website is the most cost-effective resource for generating solid leads that you have.  It should be your ultimate list building platform too.  If it isn't, below are several steps that will MAKE IT SO.

Website Blog:

If you already have a blog great; if you don't get one right now.  Why?  Because your website and blog play patty cake...that means they cross pollinate and attract viewers from separate worlds.  Nice.  Remember that your blog posts must appeal to your audience, i.e.: Updates, Checklists, Statistics, Industry News, etc.  If they are topical and or helpful, your audience will return for more.  

Fresh Face, New Copy Every So Often:

If you've watched your conversion rates decline, it could be the result of a stagnant website.  With the non-stop online tech changes occurring every week, the impression your website makes AT FIRST GLANCE is more critical than ever before.  The copy that hits viewers at first glance is also CRITICAL.  What worked two years ago likely isn't even relevant now.  A horrible thought, but that is just how it goes.
So, consider updating old content, add new vitality through more visuals, new sidebar modules, special offers, a new "authority" spokesperson in your industry who will endorse your company, or A BLOG page that is nurtured regularly, etc.  
Keep your "About Us" page updated.  If you are growing and adding new people ... that's a good thing.  Introduce your new team with a photo and short bio.  

By the same token, if  you add new solutions, products or services, add a new web page in the menu bar about them.  Jazz it up and make it compelling.  Create an ad for the page defining how wonderful it is, then post the ad on your Facebook page too.  Remember, If you don't tell the world about this, NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO!

Offer A Contact Us Page With Some Functionality:

Okay, you have this Contact Us page - Is it passive or active?   Passive offers a telephone number and email contact.  Active provides a simple but effective fill-in-the-blank form that gives them an opportunity to ask a question or probe for more information about your company.  It also encourages them to add more specific information about who they are ... OMG, what a concept!  Contact Us forms enable your guests to contact you right on that page, providing you a window to receive more quality leads.

The Fix:

These topics highlight a few ways to enhance your marketing outreach.  Your website is your company brochure and reflects who you are, what you do, and welcomes guests to get to know you better.  At least it should.  It's a competitive world out there so the goal here is to ensure that People Remember YOU.  

HQZ Experts will show you ways to accomplish these simple tactics to get noticed and grow your company.

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